Persistent Commitment


In this issue, we share a story about a Director of Sourcing and Logistics and how she used a cross-country bike journey (as in from the Pacific Ocean to the Atlantic Ocean) to inspire her and her team to seriously improve their company’s supply chain process.

As I read the article (on page 26), I couldn’t help but recall what my mother preached over and over again: “What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.”

That could be an understatement for you as an ICT provider today. In some ways, you may be doing many things you wouldn’t have dreamed possible: transforming nearly every part of your business in order to thrive.

From software defined networking to supply chain restructuring and even NFV — that kind of transformation ain’t an easy ride.

So, much like Yvonne Sabatini’s story, you’ve got to brace yourself for the unknown, commit to change, and persist. And then you have to do it again.

We can help by being your partner in transformation. We gather experts across the ICT industry to share their knowledge with you via a magazine, website, webinar, or live event. We aim to share new learnings that inspire you to do great things for your company. (That said, it’s your job to open your mind and get excited about the possibilities.)

I realize very few of us have the grit to bike for thousands of miles across our great country. But, dang. It’s not that hard to commit to learn something new every day — is it?

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