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Do you ever wonder what it would be like to totally reinvent yourself? I have friends that have changed their lives dramatically. One was a trader on the NYSE and became a contractor building spec homes. Another was a successful telecom exec who retired early to launch a start-up in senior health care.

Are they happy and fulfilled? They are! And every once and again, when the editing gods are against me, I think What if I became a, ummm, uh, something else?

So, naturally, as an editor, I did some research about how to do it.* Turns out you can reinvent yourself in 6 (yes, 6) easy steps.

Step 1. Find out your strengths. Ask your colleagues for feedback or take a few free online psychometric or personality tests.

Step 2. Plan. Assess your current emotional, psychological, and financial status so you can develop plans that are realistic and practical. Consult experts or those in your “wish” career for practical tips and advice.

Step 3. Try things out. Sometimes we don’t know if solutions work until we try them out. It’s important to experiment whenever possible, especially if you’re dealing with a career change.

Step 4. Be brave. Fears and self-doubts may arise when you’re taking risks. You need to manage these negative emotions and not allow them to discourage you.

Step 5. Find a support group. Align with those who will keep you from taking wrong turns, and who will offer encouragement when you’re learning new things.

Step 6. Accept failure, then learn, and resume your journey. If things don’t go perfectly and you hit some bumps, simply recognize them, learn, and move on.

Eureka! These steps are ALSO the things you should do if you want to recharge your current career. And guess what? You can do them at ISE EXPO 2017! (You saw that comin’, didn’t you?)

Dip your toe into something new by taking a few of the 35+ accredited seminars. Explore new ways to transform while listening to the 7 keynote presenters. And, find that support group during a networking event on the exhibit floor.

Reinvent, refresh, and recharge at ISE EXPO 2017. Register now at and begin to set new goals or reinvigorate your current dreams.


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