Navigating the Unpredictable FTTX Terrain: Understanding and Managing Risks


Wednesday, November 29, 2017 at 1:00 pm (CT)


Across the nation, environments vary greatly for network deployments. While providers gravitate toward uniformity, they find fiber solutions to be inflexible, hard to implement and options limiting. This exposes service providers to additional business, financial and operational risks. The lack of innovation and flexibility limit the service providers’ ability to compete. The companies who succeed in striking the balance between uniformity, innovation and flexibility will win the race. Let’s explore the options that service providers have to mitigate and manage their risks.

Attendees will learn about the various business, financial, technology and terrain risks that must be considered when building a fiber network.  While avoiding risk completely is not realistic, there are steps you can take to reduce the possibilities of an event that puts the network at risk. Equally as important, is knowing how to build a network that minimizes the impact from risk, should an event occur.  Attendees will learn techniques for managing risks within the network and planning for success.


Sev Sadura has over 18 years of experience in telecom and data network markets.  He has held product management and leadership positions at Pentair, Transition Networks, Allied Telesis and Entrust Datacard.  Sev’s focus is on innovation and how technology mitigates business risks and solves customer challenges.



Clearfield is the Fiber to the Anywhere company – with a Fiber to the Anywhere product platform. Rather than a pre-determined, scripted solution, “Solve for X” is the Clearfield promise of a product design methodology  that addresses your unique requirements while providing the lowest total cost of ownership.  Offering a stream-lined, practical approach when it comes to the distribution, consolidation, management and protection of fiber, Clearfield’s line of panels, frames and cabinets, optical components and full range of fiber optic assemblies & patch cords are designed for scalable deployment, craft-friendly operation and unsurpassed performance.



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