T-BERD(r)/MTS-4000 Class of Service (CoS) Test Suite


The development of new Internet Protocol (IP)-packet based, so call Triple-Play, services (voice, video, data) delivered over the telco Access Network places new demands on network designs. Each of the services has their own specific quality of service (QoS) requirements, and all have varying bandwidth demands that are dynamic in nature, and, as a result, require prioritized treatment of the three services. In the access network, where bandwidth (BW) is often limited (digital subscriber loop [DSL] links, for example), BW allocation and control is critical. Furthermore, the mix of services supported must match the customer subscriptions and thus expectations: the number of high definition (HD) video streams, standard definition (SD) video streams, and voice calls supported simultaneously, and the amount of BW is provided for data service.

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