Take the Bite Out of Broadband Networks


Logical, Cost-Effective Solutions, Practices and Methodologies Across the Entire Passive Network

FTTH deployment technologies are many and additional are in development. Service providers must evaluate and determine which technologies are best for them, whether its BPON, GPON, and Active Ethernet or the emerging technologies of GPON-10GB, WDM-PON, NG-PON, All-IP triple play, and even RFOG. Within this evaluation, the service provider must be aware and carefully weigh the cost associated with these technologies against the insatiable thirst for bandwidth that their subscribers demand. The FTTH provider is faced with many choices. Do they put in the safe and generally accepted infrastructures – but then worry about the costs and timing of future upgrades? Or, should they put in the cutting edge technologies and deal with the costs and challenges of being an early adopter? Or, do they do something in between?

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