Hype and How-To’s


If you aren’t standing in the Colorado Convention Center reading this, you’re missing out. This year’s OSP EXPO has the tools, tactics, and education that are necessary to bridge network transformation hype with How in the heck do we get there?

Like you, we know the devil is in the details. Instead of hype and what-ifs, network professionals like you crave solutions that go deeper than buzz words. You need REAL LIFE tools and tactics to bring to it all together.

The good news is our keynote presenters have walked a mile in your shoes.

Brian Harvey, Regional President of North American Operations, Level 3, says it quite well. “We think of our network as a verb — an active, evolving infrastructure that grows and changes to address the important needs of the expanding IoT landscape — today and well into the future.” With the dramatic shift from TDM services to Ethernet, Harvey believes the workforce must transform as well. “We are
purposefully and intentionally retraining our technicians and engineers with a focus on IP and Ethernet.”*

CenturyLink is on the same page.

Matt Rotter, Senior Vice President, Network Operations, CenturyLink, says, “There’s the fundamental technology that will continue to evolve, and the skills and tools necessary to perform the work. CenturyLink is finding the next steps in SDN and NVF will bring changes to the organization in terms of human resources. In fact, many employees at CenturyLink are asking, ‘How are we going to get there from here?’” **

May I be bold enough to say the answer lies in 3 words: OSP EXPO 2015.

On site at OSP EXPO 2015, you can learn from more than 35 seminars, demo zones, keynotes and over 200 exhibits. There’s no room for hype without action on this show floor. This is where REAL LIFE solutions come together for the physical and human networks of today and tomorrow.

We hope you are able to join us. But if not, follow the posts on our Twitter account at #OSPEXPO2015. (It’s not quite the same, but it may motivate you to save-the-date for OSP EXPO 2016 in San Antonio, Texas.)

*See Level 3 Keynote Interview, OSP magazine, August 2015.
**See CenturyLink Keynote Interview, OSP magazine, July 2015.

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