Recorded Webinar: Transforming The Network For Profitable Delivery of High-speed DSL Using Broadband Over Copper


Recorded On: Thursday, October 1, 2015

Offering competitive, high speed ADSL and VDSL2 services profitably mandates transforming the network to maximize performance and efficiency on three dimensions: 1) Leveraging the installed base to reach more customers with higher speed DSL services from existing DSLAMs; 2) Judiciously deploying new, smaller IP DSLAMs efficiently at the right location to enhance performance without inordinately driving up backhaul and installation costs; and 3) Building more efficient backhaul networks with no sacrifice in reliability.

Only by balancing all three of these factors can the network be truly optimized to deliver high speed services and maximize eligibility for government grants such as the CAF Phase I and II programs.

Learn how to achieve a complete, flexible and future proof transformation of your DSL network with high performance broadband over copper. Actelis’ DSL Transformation solutions leverage high performance bonded copper and innovative ADSL and VDSL2 broadband amplifiers to give operators unprecedented flexibility to choose the most efficient size and placement of DSLAMs, enhance service reach and rate, and minimize backhaul costs – all while enjoying a smooth migration path to fiber backhaul if and where needed in future.

Dunphy_100x125Presenter: Dave Dunphy, Vice President, Marketing, Actelis

David Dunphy has over 20 years of experience spanning product marketing, product management, and and consulting roles at the Director/Senior Director/VP level at AT&T GIS/WinStar/Actelis, with over 10 years experience consulting for 40+ network operators and telecom vendors as cofounder and principal at Telecom Strategy Partners and while at Current Analysis. He earned his MBA at Duke University and has a Bachelor’s of Science in Telecom Systems Management from Ohio University.

Silhouette_Male_100x125Presenter: Bill Fox, Senior Technology Engineer, Actelis

Bill Fox has 36 years of experience in the Telecom industry. After earning a BSEE from NCSU, he started as a design engineer and gained experience in T1 transmission systems, D4 Channel banks and DLC systems, SONET transmission systems and cross connects, and xDSL transmission systems for companies ranging from ITT Telecom, Alcatel Network Systems, PairGain Technologies, and ADC. Bill has spent significant time in the field gaining firsthand experience solving real world customer problems, and devoted his efforts toward engineering management and business unit management, holding P&L responsibility of up to $175M for the Wireline Access Group within ADC.


Actelis Networks, the market leader in high performance broadband over copper, has 15 years specializing in making copper a strategic asset that complements the fiber network to transform the business model for getting more bandwidth to more places efficiently. The Actelis G.SHDSL and VDSL2 EFM over Copper access and aggregation units and MetaAssist™ EMS cost optimize the delivery of reliable, high speed Ethernet transport for CE2.0 standards-based business Ethernet services, for small cell, WiFi, and DSLAM backhaul services, and for intelligent traffic system, connected campus, and a variety of industrial networks metro-wide and beyond. Actelis’ Broadband Amplifiers enhance the reach and rate of ADSL and VDSL2 residential broadband services regardless of the make and model of DSLAM. Visit http://www.actelis .com to learn how to make copper the key to getting more Ethernet bandwidth to more places quickly and cost effectively to offer new services, run a more profitable network, and leverage fiber today where you have it today while ensuring a smooth migration path from fiber to copper where needed in future.

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