You Can’t Make This Stuff Up!


Every once in again, you may feel your job is, dare I say it, work. The lists of deliverables keep heading your way. The action items from the last 32 meetings are acting up. And the financial metrics you are supposed to hit need to be revised yet again.

And then, just when it is most needed, a laugh comes your way. Not a tasteless video from your Facebook friends but a real network evolution faux pas that you cannot believe occurs in the world.

Today, I was blessed to receive the story below. It made my day, so I thought you’d enjoy it as well. Cheers to the network snafus that can keep us all smiling!

From: Gale Green
To: Sharon Vollman
Subject: You can’t make this stuff up!

Look at these 2 photos (yes, they are 2 different photos) on the same fiber path. I’ll not incriminate or implicate anyone, only to say that the folks who built the sidewalk were oblivious to the marker posts — and apparently dug in the area without calling 811.

If you were building a sidewalk for pedestrians, wouldn’t you want to avoid a sidewalk placement that would impede or potentially cause harm to the intended benefactors of said sidewalk???

It’s one thing to protect your assets, but an entirely different problem arises when the tradespeople ignore the marker, and not only dig but pave it into the sidewalk.

Can you say SAFETY HAZARD — for those late-evening pedestrians and joggers. Maybe the development of a fiber marker post beacon is a marketable solution here?

SV_Fig1_112015 SV_Fig2_112015

S. Gale Green, RCDD, PMP
Network Engineer
Texas A&M University, College Station, Texas


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