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Measuring network throughput performance using Speedtest®: New solutions to streamline the process for internet and IPTV service providers

Internet and IPTV service providers today operate in ultra-competitive markets where CAPEX and OPEX are tightly managed—and subscribers demand stellar quality and performance. For many years, subscribers used well-known solutions to measure network throughput performance and quality to ensure they were getting the most bang for the buck.

The most popular network throughput measurement solution has always been Speedtest® by Ookla®. With more than 6000 geographically distributed servers worldwide, over 9.78 billion internet tests run to date, and 80% of the world’s ISPs using Ookla technology, subscribers know a thing or two about network throughput performance and quality. No other technology—not FTP, iPerf, RFC2544 or RFC6349—comes close to these kinds of metrics.

The reason? Ookla’s large installed base of distributed servers allows service providers to easily conduct TCP throughput performance testing. Providers may not have the available capital expenditures to install the third-party commercial off-the-shelf servers (COTS) needed to run other TCP throughput tests, so having access to over 6000 servers worldwide represents significant cost savings and allows them to start collecting data more quickly.

When a subscriber launches Speedtest, the application analyzes latency to the servers nearest the subscriber location. The server with the lowest latency is the one the throughput test will be run against. Speedtest optimizes data chunk and buffer size to calculate the maximum usage of the data pipe between the Ookla server and the subscriber—both for uploads and downloads. In less than a minute, subscribers get a firm grasp of how their throughput metrics stack up in relation to the services offered by internet and IPTV service providers.

Ookla servers can have a major positive impact on the data collected, including network latency in milliseconds (ms), download speed (Mbit/s) and upload speed (Mbit/s). Other information that can be determined through post-analysis by the service provider includes whether the right window and maximum transmission unit (MTU) size is being used on the subscriber’s line to maximize bandwidth, and whether traffic shaping needs to be adjusted to reduce network congestion.

To help internet and IPTV service providers better understand TCP throughput performance, EXFO’s MaxTester 635G handheld test set (MAX-635G) comes integrated with the Speedtest application, which enables users to install and repair/troubleshoot Gfast, VDSL2, and ADSL2+ circuits. With Speedtest pre-installed on the MAX-635G, service providers can eliminate the need for legacy PCs, mitigate issues regarding unreliable plug-ins, and ensure the integrity of their test processes without grappling with outdated browser versions and multiple applications running simultaneously.

The MAX-635G changes the game when it comes to measuring TCP throughput performance, giving internet and IPTV service providers unprecedented visibility and accuracy to better serve subscribers, all while keeping their expenditures in check. EXFO’s latest white paper, Your customers are using it, why aren’t you? Speedtest by Ookla, provides compelling arguments for internet and IPTV service providers to get on the Speedtest bandwagon.

Take charge of your TCP throughput performance and download the white paper today.

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