We’d Be Nothing Without You


My husband recently gave me a card for our 15th Wedding Anniversary with a cartoon of 2 smiling digits standing next to each other: a 0 at the left, and 1 to the right. Above the 0 (gazing lovingly at the 1) is the thought balloon “Without you, I’m nothing.”

I love the mathematic humor, in addition to (no pun intended) the connection to our anniversary date, 10-10-01. He’s very clever, my husband; one of the many reasons why I married him.

This same card resonated with me while thinking of ISE EXPO’s 25th Anniversary, because we’d be nothing without you, our advertisers. Really! ISE advertisers and vendor community help support our organization so we can deliver valuable educational content, seminars and the newest products to our readers and ISE EXPO attendees. ISE EXPO’s success is dependent on attendance. Attendees are important stakeholders and also the reason why our show has continued to grow and educate the ever-changing ICT industry.

Many of our exhibitors have been with us since our very first show back in 1992. Hosted in a hotel, hallways lined with tables, the first EXPO showed all the tools and technology available in the early 1990s to improve the quality of POTS and all things wireline.

Today it’s similar, but at the same time, much different. The industry has changed exponentially and will continue to do so. Still, our vendors work tirelessly to support our mission and improve their customers’ experiences. You are why our show has continued to grow and educate the ever-changing ICT industry.

Thank you to all of you who were at our first trade show and are still with us today. Thank you to those who have joined us over the years as the industry has grown and transformed into what it is today. We are grateful for your partnership, support, and moving into the future with ISE where technology and education come together to make the ICT a better place.

All our best,

Janice Oliva, President
The ISE magazine and ISE EXPO Team

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Janice Oliva is President and Assistant Editor for ISE magazine and ISE EXPO. Email: joliva@isemag.com

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