Recorded Webinar: Fiber Optic Tap Couplers for FTTx systems


Tuesday, October 24, 2017 1:00 PM CT


The use of fiber optic tap splitters allows tremendous flexibility when designing rural and low density FTTx systems.  These splitters are often used in monitoring optical power levels.  They provide a cost effective solution when using traditional fiber and cable management products.

Attendees will learn: 

  • How to maximize OLT card efficiency in rural FTTx installations.
  • What are tap couplers and how do they work.
  • How to utilize tap splitters to monitor live P2P and P2MP fiber systems.
  • How to incorporate tap splitters into existing installations.

Larry Johnson has been at the forefront of the fiber optics industry since 1977. Mr. Johnson has built a solid reputation in all aspects of fiber optic design, installation, implementation, testing, and measurement. He participated in the early development of fiber optic standards used for installation, testing, and measurement of network and physical plant and continues to monitor standards activities. His leadership in the optical fiber industry has resulted in repeated invitations to speak at key conferences worldwide and to develop fiber optic certification programs for a variety of industries.

Since 1987, Light Brigade has instructed more than 50,000 attendees in its public and custom classes. The company offers nationwide courses that cover basic fiber optic design, maintenance, and testing, as well as more advanced topics such as FTTx, fiber characterization, and video for traffic or surveillance. The company offers course development services and will custom create a course to any fiber optic subject matter or skill level. In addition, Light Brigade produces professional-quality educational DVDs and online training. All of Light Brigade’s training materials are technology-based and demonstrate theory and techniques applicable to any manufacturer’s product.



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