ISE Podcast: The Real ILEC Transformation


Is tomorrow’s ILEC a faster version of the failing triple play bundle? There is an alternative future: Neutral Open Access. Listen for more.


About Author

Greg Whelan, Principal at Greywale Advisors, experts on Alternative Broadband Strategies and Implementations. His research, Overcoming the 12 Challenges of Open Access Broadband in the United States, provides a playbook for a range of Open Access infrastructure business and funding models and strategies for both public and private entities. He has 25 years of broadband experience including working on the first ADSL standards in the US and at the ITU, and co-founding the Broadband Forum. He works with investment banking and private equity firms, technology providers, and municipal leaders, to deploy open access networks and shared communication infrastructure in the US, Europe, and Africa. For more information, please call Greg at 978.992.2203, email, or visit Follow Greg on Twitter: greywale.

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