Tough Decisions


A Note From Our President:

Natural disasters cause losses on many levels: personal, emotional, environmental, and financial. The recent onslaught of hurricanes has impacted many individuals and businesses. Our industry has faced, and will face, numerous challenges as a result.

It was an extremely difficult decision to cancel ISE EXPO 2017. As a small business, we feel the impact — and we know that decision impacted our exhibitors, attendees, and our provider partners. We don’t take that lightly.

Just as our provider partners, exhibitors, and attendees, are creating solutions to address these less-than-ideal circumstances, we are doing the same. Our value system is built on 5 core tenets that drive our team to make the ISE brand successful, relevant, and long-standing:

1. Commitment to Quality
We act to the best of our ability to delight our customers.

2. Continuous Improvements
We are committed to the evolution of innovative and high-quality products and services through process improvement.

3. Innovation
We consistently strive to be innovative in order to serve our customers and our fellow team members.

4. Long-Term Partnerships
We nurture long-term partnerships as these key relationships are the core of our success.

5. Trust
We build trust internally and externally through a shared commitment to honesty, quality of service, integrity, and overall drive.

Our readers, provider partners, exhibitors, and attendees have been extremely supportive during this difficult time. That is what true partnership is all about.

For that authentic support, we thank you. And we look forward to seeing you at ISE EXPO 2018, August 14-16, in Denver, Colorado.

Janice Oliva





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