Design Planning for Better Project Life Performance


Bill Brungardt, Executive Vice President & Utilities Services Leader, BHC RHODES, and ISE Magazine will have a conversation exploring how design decisions affect the overall project life-cycle in the ICT industry.

Bill Brungardt is a professional engineer and the director of our utilities services. His experience includes contract negotiation and design and construction management for telecommunications and civil engineering projects. Bill is responsible for financial performance of the group and overall strategic direction and business development activities. Technically he gets involved with special projects and mentoring our project managers. Bill was one of the four company founders and serves as its Executive Vice President.


For 26 years BHC RHODES has provided engineering expertise to the utilities industry. As one of the leading telecommunications and civil engineering experts, BHC RHODES has designed and managed thousands of miles of telecom network infrastructure across the US. BHC RHODES’ professionals know how to meet the rigor of project management and demanding schedules to ensure customers’ projects are on time and within budget. Getting fiber lit and servicing the end customer is their ultimate goal.


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