Taming the Machine for OSP Engineering and Design Success


Tuesday, July 31, 2018 at 1:00 PM (CT) 

Earn 1 BICSI CEC for attending this webinar

Throw away that red marker, stop drawing lines on pages and instead, focus on delivering real engineering outcomes across your Fiber project.

We often run for the hills when we hear the words automation; the reality of the situation is that it’s impacting every aspect of our lives, so how can we better understand the impacts across Engineering and how can we better utilize automation, or Tame the Machine for our advantage?

This Webinar will explore how a Machine-Led approach to Design and Engineering doesn’t remove the need for Engineers, but evolves the role to support what you’ve been really trained to do. Instead of drawing lines on paper, you can become the creators, and the builders, of far better networks.

Not only will you learn about how automation in benefiting other fiber projects, but you’ll be able to learn about practical steps you can take to Tame the Machine for your Engineering Success.

  • Learning Objective 1: Learn what a Machine-Led Approach to Design and Engineering really means
  • Learning Objective 2: Learn about some tools, tricks and best practices to taming the machine / automation
  • Learning Objective 3: Learn how you can start embedding an automated approach across your business, and bring along the team for the ride.

Earn 1 BICSI CEC for attending this webinar

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Presented by: Paul Sulisz, SVP Americas, Biarri Networks. Paul Sulisz’s career within the telecom industry spans 17 years. He has spent 6+ years in fiber/fixed access networks (split between start of his career and now) and 11+ years in wireless networks (Cellular & microwave deployments across access and private networks.) His current focus is to drive Biarri Networks’ projects and support the expansion of an automated, optimized and data-rich approach to planning, design and construction of FTTx and 5G networks across the Americas.


Biarri Networks is the global leader in fiber optic network planning and design. Biarri uses operations research mathematics, machine learning, AI and customized software to optimize the end-to-end fiber network rollout. Through Biarri Networks´ algorithmic and proven approach, telecommunications, engineering, municipalities and consulting companies now benefit from fiber networks sooner, faster and with confidence.


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