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Recently I read a comment in the news about 5G being a quantum shift across the network, making VR/AR a reality with more speed, content, and entertainment. Others across the industry agree and continue to reinforce how 5G will be a game changer for end users. No doubt it will.

But, what you know is even more important. 5G requires the wireline and wireless networks to be at the top of their games — from FTTT and backhaul to CRAN and VRAN and soon ORAN (Open Radio Access Network).

Being a tech wannabe, this gets me very excited, and a little nervous, all at the same time. Why? Because I realize that’s a lot to make happen in very short order. It requires everyone on your team to pull together to deploy, provision, and optimize, your networks to make them stronger, faster, and more reliable.

And without your team’s commitment to professional development — it ain’t gonna happen.

That’s why the ISE team is committed to sharing network knowledge with your teams each and every day. Because without people collaborating, our industry can’t grow or evolve. And without professionals like you who are DRIVEN to grow, all the network improvements related to 5G will take a lot longer and cost a lot more than they should.

Last year I wrote about what’s really important across our industry: it’s the PEOPLE. This year I’ll say it again: without talented and motivated people, it will be very difficult to improve the wireline and wireless networks, let alone launch widespread 5G.

Thank you for being a part of this ever-changing industry and joining us this year at ISE EXPO 2018. As leaders across the Information and Communications Technology (ICT) market, you inspire us to create a trade show filled with network solutions, education, amazing vendor partners, and the technologies that continue to push our industry from 5G dreams to fine-tuned network realities.

Bring it on: 5G, and anything else you’ve got. We’re ready.

Thanks for being with us!



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