UL Recognized Access Hardware Saves Enclosure Manufacturers Testing Time


Southco submitted select latches, hinges and fasteners to UL for testing and investigation under FTTA2/FTTA8, to evaluate these components’ resistance to corrosion and performance degradation due to environmental conditions and usage over time. Enclosure accessories that pass these tests and receive the FTTA2/FTTA8 Recognition Certification can be used by manufacturers who create or use Type rated enclosures that comply with UL 50 and UL 50E, which streamlines the process of bringing Type rated enclosures to market.

Manufacturers building enclosures that were Type rated in compliance with UL 50 and UL 50E need to initiate additional testing and evaluation of components, such as hinges and latches used in the design of these enclosures. By pre-qualifying the enclosure for outdoor applications, using UL Recognized component hardware from Southco that meets FTTA2/FTTA8, it’s been estimated the manufacturer will save testing time as well as the cost of test samples.



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