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5G promises lightning-fast speed, incredibly low latency, and the capacity to carry massive numbers of connections simultaneously.

Unfortunately, there is no one-size-fits-all approach for rolling it out. Think of the factors that come into play at both the national and local level. Fiber availability, spectrum availability, local regulation and more!

With all of those variables, one thing is certain. 5G requires the wireline and wireless networks be at the top of their games.

This was a hot topic at ISE EXPO 2018. Sharon Vollman, Editorial Director of ISE magazine, interviewed executives from Alpha Technologies, Corning and EXFO on technologies that continue to push our industry from 5G dreams to fine-tuned network realities.

ISE Magazine talks with Mike Burkhalter – Sr. Vice President Global Sales, Alpha Technologies at ISE EXPO 2018.

ISE Magazine talks with Bob Whitman – VP of Global Market Development, Corning at ISE EXPO 2018 .

ISE Magazine talks with Eric Honig – Director, Physical Layer Business Unit, Test and Measurement Division, EXFO at ISE EXPO 2018.


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