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This issue features Part 3 of our 2018 ICT Visionaries responses. And by the time this issue hits your mailbox or inbox, the live roundtable with our Visionaries will have wrapped up as well.

Why is the ICT Visionaries series important? Because it shares diverse viewpoints from many folks who walk in your shoes. It taps into the expertise of those inside the industry who have experiences and passions about a range of topics that may answer some of the questions you face every day.

It’s not about pedigree or where they went to school or how many acronyms they have after their names. It’s about their having the guts to share opinions that may not be popular — and share them with 25K+ readers.

This year, we’ve covered these topics:
Fiber and 5G
Field Efficiencies
IoT Progress
The Network Is the Threat
Streets in the Air (Drones)
Strategic Change
Network Transformation
5G and Connected/Autonomous
Small Cell Process Improvements
The Human Network
Fiber Deployment
Overlooked Issues
Fiber and 5G
Innovation Strategies

If you’re honest, I bet you also have opinions about some of those topics. And I imagine you wish someone would hear those thoughts. Here’s your chance. You can’t have a voice in this bleeding-edge industry unless you say something!

So, throw your name in the ring to be an ICT Visionary in 2019. It doesn’t matter if you’re an executive or a technician — you’ve got valid opinions that should be shared.

Believe it or not, we wrap up our Visionary search by December. So, don’t wait. Break out from being behind-the-scenes. Or, nominate another service provider you respect to be a part of this potent program. (With your knowledge and our visibility, it may help launch your career to new and exciting places!)

2019 could be your year. Email me today!



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