Why Data Needs to be Your #1 Focus for FTTH, Fixed Wireless or 5G Network Deployments


Webinar Date/Time: Tuesday, October 22, 2019 at 1:00 PM (CT)

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It can often feel like we’re chasing that “next big thing”; the marketing hype of 5G, the latest architectures shaping GPON Networks, a bigger chunk of funding or even how to beat competitors to market.  The reality is that we forget one of the most important investments to make when deploying a fiber network; high quality data that can flow effortlessly across the rollout. Join Patrik Lowenborg, VP Customer Solutions from Biarri Networks where he’ll be helping you understand how to get to revenue sooner, while improving efficiency and reducing risk by:

  • Exploring interoperable data flows,
  • Using that data to enable design automation,
  • Enriching that data to build an efficient digital network engineering™ workflow.

Whether you’re planning, designing or constructing networks of any variety, this is your chance to start making a difference. This webinar will be focused on the speed to revenue, efficiency and compliance benefits when
embedding a digital network engineering approach to your fiber projects.

By joining us you will:

1) understand your data and how to make it flow across your project

2) Use that data to empower design automation for GPON, Fixed Wireless or 5G Networks

3) Build a collaborative process that expands across the broader value chain.


Patrik Lowenborg, VP Customer Solutions, Biarri Networks
Patrik Lowenborg is a Swedish born, Londoner, and now American based Engineer, that has almost 25 years’ experience in the telecommunications industry; working across turn-key fiber projects, for planning, design, and technical consulting. Since April 2019 Patrik has been working with Biarri Networks as the Vice President of Customer Solutions. His role is to help demonstrate the benefits of a data driven, automated and digital network engineering approach to deploying Fiber Wireline, Fixed Wireless, and 5G Networks.


Biarri Networks helps organizations design and deliver better fiber, fixed wireless and cellular (5G) networks sooner by providing FOND, a web-based optimization and collaboration platform for digital engineering, planning and design that automatically generates the lowest cost network. Biarri’s team of digital network engineering experts also connect technology, analytics, geospatial data and industry best practices to deliver tangible outcomes across the end-to-end delivery of fiber networks. Beyond the use of FOND, this also involves custom
built design engines for enterprise clients, design services and consultancy services.

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