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According to a recent research study, 60% of business leaders believe IT is leading their organizations’ business transformation strategy. Yet 93% of executives say the skills gap is preventing their teams from transforming fast enough.1

Some of you may dismiss this fact and say, “Well, that’s not me. I’m not in IT.” That may be the case. Right now.

But, don’t kid yourself. This interesting thing called NetDevOps — also called programmable infrastructure or software-defined infrastructure — is here to stay. It uses Infrastructure as a Code (IaC) to help networks communicate, become automated, and ultimately become more reliable. And when this all works as it should, the benefits are quite impressive across the board.

This requires transformation across everything. The network, the IT org, management teams — and you.

So, are you going to fight it, or are you going to be smart and get ahead of it? If you want to fight it, then stop reading. Go dig yourself a hole and try to hide.

If you want to get ahead of it, then make a plan to shore up your skill sets in the areas leaders say are lacking. (See Figure 1.)

Business acumen identified as a top skills gap.

Figure 1. Business acumen identified as a top skills gap.

That doesn’t mean you have to go back to school and get that extra degree. But it does mean you need to devote some time — let’s say ONE day — to improve the skill sets mentioned above.


That’s what ISE TECHForum 2020 is all about. In ONE day you can soak in new skills to remain relevant as telecom and IT become more and more intertwined.

Go to and register for ISE TECHForum 2020 today. Register BEFORE FEBRUARY 29, 2020 and save $150 on registration fees. Join us at ISE TECHForum, March 18, 2020, in Richardson, Dallas.

Find out how ONE day can transform YOU in ways you never imagined.




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