Case Studies in Troubleshooting Your Fiber Networks


Webinar Date/Time: Wednesday, September 9, 2020 at 1:00 PM (CT) 

OSPInsight will provide an educational webinar focused on what troubleshooting within a fiber optic network entails, case studies of networks doing it well, and how this will help save organizations unnecessary costs.

Attendees will learn more effective ways to troubleshoot their fiber optic network as well as understand the return of investment through cost efficiencies.

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Seth Straayer of OSPInsight, ISE Webinar PresenterPresented by:
Seth Straayer, Senior Solutions Engineer
Seth has been the Senior Solutions Engineer at OSPInsight for 17 years. Prior to OSPInsight he worked for Able Telecom Holdings, Telone, and INSAT Global Satellite Communications.

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OSPInsight is fiber management software for fiber network operators. Trusted for 25 years, and used by thousands of customers, OSPInsight is a suite of GIS-based software to plan, design and maintain your fiber network, troubleshoot fiber breaks, and analyze fiber capacity for a more profitable outside plant.



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