The Correct Way to Use a Clamp-On Ground Tester


Webinar Date/Time: Tuesday, September 8, 2020 at 1:00 PM (CT) 

This webinar will very briefly cover the history of man-made grounds and ground testing. Next will be a discussion of two basic methods of ground testing and then comprehensive coverage of the proper way to do clamp-around ground testing and common mistakes that technicians make when doing such testing. There are no calculations, and the only math that is even mentioned is Ohm’s Law.

Everyone understands the need for grounding, and most people understand the need for testing grounds. The advent of the clamp-around ground-tester made such testing quick and easy, but it is also very easy to make simple mistakes that invalidate the results.

After attending this webinar, participants will understand how to confidently perform clamp-around ground-testing quickly, easily and CORRECTLY.  

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Ed Rousselot ofMegger, ISE Webinar PresenterPresented by:
Ed Rousselot
Sr. Consulting Application Engineer CATV/Communications
Ed has been employed in the telephone industry since 1971, when he went to work for Southwestern Bell. He worked for telephone companies until 1984, when he took a position with a communications test equipment manufacturer. He has been in the industry since then in technical sales and support positions and with Megger since July 2009. Ed holds a BS degree from Missouri State University and an MS degree from Oklahoma State University.

For over 100 years, Megger has been the premier provider of portable electric test and measurement instruments. Precision test equipment for communications testing applications is essential to a professional test and installation engineer’s job. Megger has been there from the start to help you and your industry customers with connectivity, reliability and maintenance. The range of test instruments includes TDRs, ground testers, insulation and continuity testers, and battery testers.

While the communications model means you must work across all five layers – physical, data, network, transport and application – Megger’s test equipment ensures the physical transmission layer, connectors and interconnection devices work correctly, and also provide essential connectivity information from coupled devices for added-value service issues on the remaining layers.



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