Money Talks: Figuring Fiber Financials


Webinar Date/Time: Tuesday, October 20, 2020 at 1:00 PM (CT) 

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Having a digital model of exactly what your outside plant looks like can have big financial benefits, whether it’s streamlined reporting to local authorities, dealing with taxes, or even showing places where inefficiencies can be cut and costs can be reduced by eliminating redundancies. This webinar explores how building an accurate and detailed connected model of the network enables better reporting to inform the financial decisions surrounding the planning, building, and operating of a network.

During this webinar, presenters review:

  • Best practices for defining requirements for modeling a network.
  • How communication service providers can leverage that digital model for better financial reporting — whether for tax purposes, M&A opportunities, investor relations, network expansion plans, or network expense reduction strategies.

Attendees will discover best practices of building a connected network model and learn how that model can be used to build better reports and inform the financial decisions surrounding the planning, building, and operating of a network.

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Presented by:

Tommy Siniard, 3-GISTommy Siniard
Chief Technical Officer
Tommy Siniard, Chief Technical Officer, oversees the strategy and development of 3-GIS’s software solutions. He has gained vast experience working with over 150 telecommunication companies in more than 30 countries to build software applications to manage complex telecom infrastructure. During his career, he has co-founded two companies, including 3-GIS, and built market-dominant commercial software products. In his role as 3-GIS CTO, his philosophy towards software propels the development of applications designed for innate user adoption and modularity, and scalability. He holds a BS in Computer Engineering and Finance from the University of Alabama Huntsville, bringing a thorough understanding of the view and information needed by telecom executives to run their business successfully, and he embeds that into the product direction at 3-GIS.

Greg Connors, 3-GISGreg Connors
Technical Product Manager
Greg Connors is a Technical Product Manager on the product team that manages the strategy and development of 3-GIS’s software solutions. He has 25+ years of experience in applying GIS in the telecommunications industry with 17 years at Level 3 Communications and CenturyLink. His experience at Level 3 advanced from building a Fiber/GIS system that documented the construction of their global network to evolving that system to provide data needed to support sales, marketing, finance, planning, engineering and operations. Through his years at Level 3 and CenturyLink, he has played key roles in M&A activities from leveraging the Fiber/GIS system to support potential network synergies to the eventual integration of those companies after acquisition. He holds a BS in Civil Engineering from North Carolina State University and is a licensed Professional Engineer.


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Since 2006, 3-GIS has been helping the telecom industry achieve better results. The company is headquartered in Decatur, Alabama, USA, with sales and support offices in Bern, Switzerland, and Tampa, Florida. 3-GIS solves the problems of the telecommunications industry for managing physical network assets by bringing automation, data flow-through, and digital modeling with network management software as a service. The 3-GIS solution goes beyond understanding where network assets are located, but also helps our customers realize how those physical assets work together. The company’s network planning, design, and deployment services, along with our management application, enable faster deployments and higher data accuracy at every stage in the life-of-network.


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