The Three Levels of Fiber Network Management Maturity


Insider Secrets on Fiber Maturity

Fiber operators take different approaches when it comes to fiber network management and documentation.

Many still store fiber data, records, splicing information, etc., on paper maps and spreadsheets. Those who have more resources might use digital geospatial tools, like Google Earth or ArcGIS. Still others outsource the work to engineering firms that send back “as-built” information in the form of CAD drawings in a PDF format.

The weakness in all these approaches is that they don’t match the profile of a modern fiber network or meet the needs of the operators. Consumers today expect high-quality broadband, constant uptime, and rapid troubleshooting when things go awry. Providing this level of service is challenging enough at the best of times and virtually impossible without an appropriate level of operational maturity. This is especially true as networks get exponentially more complex with each mile of new fiber and advanced technology is introduced.

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