Author Larry Johnson

Larry Johnson, President of FiberStory, started his career in fiber optics in 1977, and has written over 20 courses and developed 10 certifications on fiber optics through The Light Brigade which he founded in 1986. Besides his work on various standards groups, he is a member of multiple industry technology committees including the Utility Telecom Council and the Fiber Broadband Association. FiberStory is involved with the history of fiber optics, provides technology assessments to organizations including the outside plant, and represents industry organizations in fiber optic technologies. To share ideas, questions, or comments, please email or visit

5G ISE Columnist Larry Johnson

Legacy Fibers in a 5G World

5G communications systems require reliable single-mode fiber connectivity. In this article I address challenges in…

Columnist ISE Columnist Larry Johnson

Holey Fibers!

New Advances in Fiber Optics — The fiber optic industry is transitioning between technologies on…

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