Editorial Guidelines

How to Contribute to ISE Magazine

ISE magazine is published monthly, and includes both print and digital editions, as well as an online version. This information about how to contribute to ISE magazine and related products is found at www.isemag.com/contribute, in the 2019 Editorial Calendar and in the Author’s Release and Author Notification form which the ISE Editorial Director sends directly to you.

Who, or What, Is ISE? ISE is an educational content aggregator that serves our evolving audience and others affiliated with the Information and Communications Technology (ICT) field. Our mission is twofold:

  • To educate global service providers about evolving wireline and wireless infrastructure trends within the industry, from the Data Center and Central Office to the end-user, through innovative print, digital, online, and event education tools.
  • To connect global vendor partners with key provider buyers and decision-makers with the industry’s most complete range of vehicles including advertising, branding, lead-generation, live events, social media, and thought leadership.

What Kind of Content Does ISE Publish? ISE features are education-oriented, and include: How-To articles; case histories and field trials; research, technology, innovations, and market forecasts; interviews/Q&A; and leadership, management, and motivation articles. Short Reads are 500 words or fewer; Features range from 501 to 2,000 words. We accept objective articles, allowing only 1 product-name or brand-name mention of your company’s products or services. Opinion pieces are also accepted, providing they are well-written and offer the author’s expertise and unique perspective. ISE reserves the right to edit all submissions for clarity and length, and according to ISE’s editorial guidelines, publications policies, and style. The decision to publish any and all articles rests with the Editorial Director.

The Editorial Process Usually Takes 4 Months, so please plan ahead if you are targeting a specific monthly issue. We accept initial article submissions at any time. You will be asked to submit your final article text to the Editorial Director approx. 6 weeks before the intended date of publication.

Supporting Digital Image Requirements for Illustrations and Photos
If you have them, please send via email 2 to 4 photos or illustrations with your article. For illustrations, we request native art files of any support images in an appropriate format for offset printing; we prefer EPS vector artwork. However, for both illustrations and photos we can also accept image files meeting these 5 specifications:

  1. EPS, JPG, or TIF format
  2. High Resolution (300 dpi or higher)
  3. Size: 4″x4″ or larger
  4. Color: CMYK
  5. Captions: Please send via email a caption for each image file.

Contact Information

Features: Please send your questions, feature articles, and supporting image files to: Sharon Vollman, President and Editorial Director, ISE, email: svollman@isemag.com, tel: 773.754.3256. You may hear from Sharon 2-3 weeks after your submission date.

Product News: Please send your product news and related image files to email tools@isemag.com. Your Sales Representative will contact you for options and pricing.

Company News: Please send your Company News releases and related images file to Janice Oliva, Assistant Editor, SVP, ISE, email joliva@isemag.com, tel: 773.754.3249.

ICT Industry Leadership, Management, and Motivation articles: Please send your LM&M articles and related image files to Janice Oliva, Assistant Editor, SVP, ISE, email joliva@isemag.com, tel: 773.754.3249.

“The Human Network” Leadership, Management, and Motivation articles: These article may be published in the The Human Network online section. Please send your article and related images files to Karen Adolphson, Managing Editor, ISE, email kadolphson@isemag.com, tel: 773.754.3250.

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