OSP Expert: Don McCarty

Resolving DSLAM and Modem Interoperability Disputes


Dear Readers: This month I am passing off my responsibilities as author of this column to the industry-respected Vernon May, an expert in copper, DSL, and fiber. He has created, implemented and taught telecommunications technology on 6 continents for over 35 years, and has leveraged his service provider and vendor experience into that of trainer/coach, inventor, systems designer, program manager, product manager, and plant operations expert. He currently holds 2 US Patents, including #8,027,807 B2 on Remote DSL Circuit Evaluation. — Don My Favorite Spectator Sport Is Back in Season By Vernon May No, I don’t mean those large men…

Reader’s Letters


If you’re a regular reader of Don McCarty’s OSP EXPERT monthly column in OSP magazine, you learned in our July 2015 issue that Don’s been in the column-writing biz for 30 years now — and an OSP expert in the ICT industry for more than 40 years. During this time he’s gained a lot of followers, and a lot of pen pals. Recently, Don sent to us some of his fan mail — and we thought you’d like to read these letters, too. Enjoy! (And do let Don know what you think: You can contact him at 831.818.3930 ordmccarty@mccartyinc.com). Karen…

A Review of the Multi-Functional Test Set


A quality multi-functional test set is an absolute necessity for today’s field technician. You may have seen a series of articles I wrote earlier this year about a few quality test sets. The multi-functional test set, properly used and interpreted, identifies problems with the copper infrastructure and where these problems occur. Interpretation can be difficult for the novice field technician — or even the experienced field technician — especially if that field technician does not have an electronic background. Following are questions from field technicians about functions of the test set when testing a cable pair: How much is too…

Some Clarification on DSL Testing


In a recent conversation with my friend and colleague, Ed Rousselot from Megger Corporation, he stated that he agreed with me on the process of provisioning and maintaining the copper infrastructure for bandwidth, but he felt that a significant amount of information could be gleaned about the health of the physical layer from DSL testing. Here is what Ed wrote to me: In the early 1970s I was trying, with little success, to get analog subscriber carrier working in Arkansas, and an old wire chief gave me some advice that is as true now as it was then. He slowly…

Delta Distributed Power and Its Effect on Telephone Circuits


I received an email from one of my telephone friends, Ed Rousselot from the Megger Corporation, bonding and grounding experts, and in it he stated: From Ed Rousselot: Donald, You may remember that during your session at OSP EXPO (2014), Chuck asked a question about why the telcos in California that are in areas served by Pacific Gas and Electric have been told to remove all attachments to what the telcos thought were (multi-grounded neutrals (MGNs). According to Chuck, PG&E says that the #6 wire coming down their power poles is not a true MGN, and having the telcos attach…

Creating a Copper Infrastructure That Can Compete and Win


The Quest for Quality Service The goal of all telephone companies is to get fiber-to-the-home for all customers. However, given the cost of replacing the copper infrastructure with fiber it will take years to accomplish this task especially in brownfield construction. Budget constraints force telcos to take a look at their existing copper infrastructure and at what can be done to provide maximum quality bandwidth. Therefore, for the near (and maybe distant) future, the condition of your copper infrastructure is the key in delivering quality service to your customer. Purchase the best switch that money can buy, reach the customer…

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