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Cat6/6A Network Cable Compatibility


A major stumbling point in high-speed network installation is the incompatibility of Cat6/6A connectors and Cat6/6A cable. The TIA-568 specification calls for cabling electrical characteristics but leaves the physical construction to the manufacturer. This leaves “standard” RJ45 connectors unable to accommodate newer and enhanced cables, even though they are “Cat6/6A” connectors, designed for the high-speed electrical characteristics. https://www.platinumtools.com/sections/blog/datacom/can-a-cat6-connector-work-on-a-cat5e-cable/

Application Note Title: Mobile Backhaul Test Synchronous Ethernet Evaluation


The explosive growth in mobile data traffic has driven the surge in mobile backhaul networks. Since these networks are primarily packet-based, they require synchronization between the multitude of network elements to ensure proper call hand-offs and increased network reliability. Download our complimentary application note and learn how testing synchronization in your Ethernet-based networks during construction and deployment will ensure maximum performance.

Centralized RAN and Fronthaul


A Centralized Radio Access Network (C-RAN) is an architecture where the Digital Units (or Baseband Units) are placed at a centralized location, and the Remote Radio Units (RRU’s) are placed at distances up to several kilometers away from the baseband site. The connection from a baseband unit to a remote radio unit is typically a fiber facility which is referred to as “fronthaul” to differentiate it from backhaul which connects the baseband unit to the network. This document will discuss the background and origin of the C-RAN architecture and the cost savings that can be achieved using this approach.