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Evolution of the Wireless Home


The connected home continues to evolve from basic connected home networks to a feature rich collection of CE devices, broadband-enabled services, and multifunctional set-top boxes and residential gateways. Existing and traditional services are continually offering more: more functions, more speed, and more consumer benefits. CONSUMER PREFERENCES AND DEMANDS are in large part driving the technological advances in devices and services. View White Paper >>

The Real Healthcare Changes On The Way


[Need Parks Association Logo] Healthcare has been a hot topic since the passage of the Affordable Care Act, now referenced by both parties as “OBAMACARE.” Efforts to repeal it ebbed briefly after an unsuccessful Supreme Court challenge in June 2012, and all sides turned to the November elections as the ultimate referendum on the fate of the legislation. With President Obama’s successful reelection, Obamacare will remain largely intact and have a sweeping impact on the U.S. healthcare system when most terms are phased in during 2014. However, the healthcare industry was bound to experience funda¬mental changes, regardless of the election’s…

T-BERD(r)/MTS-4000 Class of Service (CoS) Test Suite


The development of new Internet Protocol (IP)-packet based, so call Triple-Play, services (voice, video, data) delivered over the telco Access Network places new demands on network designs. Each of the services has their own specific quality of service (QoS) requirements, and all have varying bandwidth demands that are dynamic in nature, and, as a result, require prioritized treatment of the three services. In the access network, where bandwidth (BW) is often limited (digital subscriber loop [DSL] links, for example), BW allocation and control is critical. Furthermore, the mix of services supported must match the customer subscriptions and thus expectations: the…

Fuel Cell Basics for Communications Industry Professionals


Fuel cells are used today in a variety of applications ranging from backup power for telecommunications and government industries to material handling vehicles and recreational vehicle support systems. They are touted as a clean, green alternative to batteries and combustion engines, capable of passing the most stringent air quality standards. They are famous for their role in the Space program since the late 1950’s as a source of both power and water for crew consumption. But what are fuel cells, how does it work, who uses them and why should you care? View White Paper >>

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