Indispensable or Disposable?


If you haven’t already noticed, it’s ISE EXPO 2019 preparation time. That means it’s time for me to be extra-editorial-bold and ask What have you done for your career lately?

Sure, you’re meeting your job objectives and keeping your credentials up to date. But, what have you REALLY done to invest in your future? #notmuch?

I tend to do the same thing. It’s easy getting SO tied up with deliverables that I can miss the big picture. My mentor, Bob Stoffels, used to say, “Oh busy editor, what have you accomplished today?” Time and again he nailed me against the wall with that one sentence. Even today, writing that sentence makes me step back and think. What AM I doing to invest in my professional future? Am I indispensable to my boss or disposable?

With that last sentence, I’m going to stop the editorial diatribe and share with you a list of some killer seminars that can help move you from disposable to indispensable. Check them out beginning on page 62 of the ISE EXPO Education Guide and use VIP code PR2019B to register for FREE AT

• FTTx Outside Plant Design Short Course

• 5G Technician: An Introduction to 5G

• Managing the Fiber When Greenfield Turns Brown

• Fixed Wireless Access — Additional Options for an Under Serviced World

• Network Transformation of the OSP From Class5 to Softswitches

• Computer Networking Breakthroughs to Improve Its Reliability and Your Customer’s QoE

• Propagation Modeling and Infrastructure Planning for 5G Networks

• Network Implications of Wireline and Wireless Convergence

• Density: The Challenges for Tomorrow’s Networks

• Checking the Pulse of Your Backup Power Network

• Maximize Cost Savings and Reduce Time in Planning and Design for Your 5G Wireline and Wireless Network Expansion

• Leveraging AR/VR and Virtual Assistants in Field Operations

• Challenges of Designing and Deploying Small Cell Networks

• Opportunities and Challenges on the Road to 5G From an Infrastructure Perspective



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Sharon Vollman is Senior Vice President, Editorial Director of ISE magazine. She oversees all editorial processes and staff for ISE magazine, the ISE e-newsletter,, and leads the educational content development for ISE EXPO and several events. Vollman has created educational partnerships with the major communications and entertainment providers including AT&T, Verizon, CenturyLink, Frontier Communications and Cincinnati Bell. She has covered the telecom industry since 1996, when she joined OSP magazine as editor. Prior to that she worked in advertising with Ogilvy & Mather and CME. Vollman has a bachelor’s degree in journalism/advertising from the University of Iowa.

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