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The ISE brand continues to share the best educational content about COVID-19’s impact on the telecom/ICT networks -- both mobile and fixed. Our aim is to arm you, our 25K print and digital readers, with education that empowers you, your team members, and the industry overall to make the network reliable, scalable, and safe for end users around the world. If you’d like to suggest content that will help our mobile and fixed networks, please feel free to reach out to our editorial director, Sharon Vollman,


ISE COVID-19 Impact Updates #8

Recent updates include notices from SoSafe Cyber Security Awareness, CTL, Parks Associates, and an article by S. Robertson. Visit COVID-19…


Autonomous Networks on Steroids

Why Industry 4.0 Can’t Survive Without Them — Network automation is not new, but the level of automation (full automation)…


There Is No Such Thing As Greed

Three-and-a-half years ago, in this column, I wrote an article titled: There’s No Such Thing as Being Stubborn. It has…