Americans rated 4th best in the world in terms of their level of cybersecurity skills and knowledge. The country scored…

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The ISE brand continues to share the best educational content about COVID-19’s impact on the telecom/ICT networks -- both mobile and fixed. Our aim is to arm you, our 25K print and digital readers, with education that empowers you, your team members, and the industry overall to make the network reliable, scalable, and safe for end users around the world. If you’d like to suggest content that will help our mobile and fixed networks, please feel free to reach out to our editorial director, Sharon Vollman,


ISE COVID-19 Impact Updates #8

Recent updates include notices from SoSafe Cyber Security Awareness, CTL, Parks Associates, and an article by S. Robertson. Visit COVID-19…


Is Everyone a Hero Now?

When I was a kid, I loved to read the stories in Boys’ Life magazine about Boy Scouts who had…

5G Telecom-2021-RDOF-LEO-Satellites-Fiber-Investments
LEO Satellites

A Path to Nowhere — On December 7, 2020, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) awarded 180 bidders $9.23B to deliver…

C&E/Planning Telecom-2021-800G-FTTx-Cloud-Networks
100G to 800G

Building It So THEY Will Come — Switching speeds are changing, with serialized/deserialized (SERDES) speeds stepping quickly from 10G through…

5G Telecom-2021-Small-Cells-5G-Powering
The Power of 5G

Powering Options for Small Cells — To continue to meet the goal of ubiquitous 5G service, it is clear that…