Addressing Subscriber Security Challenges with Comprehensive Gateway Security Controls


With smartphones, laptops, tablets, and wearables for every family member, along with smart speakers, locks, doorbells, thermostats, and many other devices for home automation, home Wi-Fi networks have become more complex than ever before. They have also become more susceptible to cyberattacks and increasingly sophisticated forms of malware, such as phishing scams, code injections, cryptojacking, cross-site scripting attacks, and more. As the number and frequency of these threats increase, subscriber devices, personal data, and privacy are all at risk, and the average broadband subscriber is not well equipped to fend them off.

This highlights a significant opportunity for service providers, who are uniquely positioned to help their subscribers address this challenge.

Download this Calix white paper to learn about:

  • Options available to subscribers today for the smart home network security and how some of these options aren’t beneficial to them
  • Three key areas where you can provide security protection that’s integrated into the residential gateway
  • Benefits of gateway-based security protections and the impact it will have on your subscribers and business

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