Episode 7: Pairing Handholes, Closures, & Cables


Preformed Line Products (PLP) video series: Fiber Tips and Tricks

Each episode will include one concept, tip, or piece of information intended to help fiber optic splicer and technicians, engineers, and other communications industry personnel expand their knowledge about the products, systems, techniques, and science behind today’s fiber networks.

Episode 7: Pairing Handholes, Closures, & Cables. How do you ensure your handhole, closures, and cables all work seamlessly together? Find out in this episode of PLP’s Fiber Tips and Tricks that uses PLP’s COYOTE® Fiber Optic Closures and Oldcastle Infrastructure’s DURALITE Handholes to explain how to properly select each component.

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Preformed Line Products (PLP) is a worldwide designer, manufacturer and supplier of high quality cable anchoring and control hardware and systems, fiber optic and copper splice closures, and high-speed cross-connect devices. With groundbreaking and innovative solutions like our line of COYOTE® Fiber Optic Products, and our THERMOLIGN® family of power transmission products, PLP has consistently pioneered modern advances in communications and power utility networks since 1947.

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