Getting Your Community Connected to the Most Advanced Broadband Service


The network hardware industry is changing. Now is the time to look for new opportunities and emerging players. As broadband service providers (BSPs) experience customer growth and increased bandwidth demand, many have the motivation to provide advanced services to their serving areas by deploying fiber and network hardware capable of supplying the new definitions of broadband.

Watch this video to see how service provider, AcenTek (serving Michigan, Minnesota, and Iowa), is taking on this challenge by partnering with Calix. 

Ethan Webinger, Chief Technology Officer of AcenTek, discusses the network challenges he faced, ranging from:

  • Weaknesses in the IP and PLS core based on a ring topology.
  • Problems in nodes propagating to subsequent routers.
  • Inefficiencies in upgrading throughput in a single node.
  • And more…

Additionally, many possible solutions were either scaled up or scaled down and he felt that Tier 3 Service Providers were an afterthought. 

Discover how AcenTek was able to address these challenges and increase operational efficiency by moving toward a leaf/spin technology and embracing a partnership with a player committed to both parties winning.

Calix logoCalix cloud and software platforms enable service providers of all types and sizes to innovate and transform. Their customers utilize the real-time data and insights from Calix platforms to simplify their businesses and deliver experiences that excite their subscribers. The resulting growth in subscriber acquisition, loyalty, and revenue creates more value for their businesses and communities. This is the Calix mission; to enable communications service providers of all sizes to simplify, excite, and grow.


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