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VETRO FiberMap®

Aug. 1, 2023
VETRO’s FiberMap® comprehensive cloud-based platform creates a collaborative environment to effectively plan, design, construct, and manage fiber networks allowing them to capitalize on new business opportunities.

VETRO FiberMap® helps customers meet their objectives by providing a comprehensive, cloud-based platform allowing customers to identify and capitalize on new business opportunities more effectively.

They decided to re-platform entirely in 2021 to continue providing an affordable and reliable solution that can keep up with their customers, who are growing. This was a huge effort not only in software development but also in helping VETRO customers transition their data and workflows to the new system.

The re-platforming improved overall system performance and enabled the implementation of advanced features like Circuit Editing and a more powerful Audit Log. The associated API upgrades that went along with the re-platforming make it easier for their technology and integration partners to understand the data model to develop integrations. This helps their customers dramatically by giving them greater choice in which BSS/OSS, Construction Manager, and CRM software they use alongside VETRO and minimizes the places they need to enter data, reducing time spent managing networks and reducing errors.

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Judge’s Comment: “This product is a dream for those that manage/engineer fiber networks. Its accessibility helps with engineers working out in the field. The tracking mechanism clarifies why people made different changes to the network. It certainly creates time savings for both the people engineering the network and for those monitoring and doing fiber restoration on a network.”

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