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ISE Columnist Sharon Vollman


July 1, 2021
Today, the work-from-everywhere (WFE) model requires CliffsNote-like tools to sift through massive amounts of industry learning and to snag those nuggets that really help meet your professional objectives.  Shamelessly, we […]
ISE Columnist Sharon Vollman
ISE Columnist Sharon Vollman

Today, the work-from-everywhere (WFE) model requires CliffsNote-like tools to sift through massive amounts of industry learning and to snag those nuggets that really help meet your professional objectives. 

Shamelessly, we borrowed the CliffsNotes idea and compiled some insightful quotes from Part 2 of our ICT Visionaries program. Check them out below. (There’s no shame to it. Really.)

Kelly ThengvallAssistant Vice President – Customer CareAT&T

Topic: Network Automation
The autonomous network is powered by data and artificial intelligence (A.I.), making it highly adaptable to local conditions and resilient to failure. We’re already using A.I./ML and closed loop control to automatically configure the network, repair customer impacting issues, migrate traffic to mitigate congestion, and more.

Kevin Morgan
Chief Marketing Officer

Topic: 5G and O-RAN
Fiber availability will limit the impact of this disaggregation because the deployment of Open RAN cell sites will only be to areas where high-capacity fiber connections exist. Fortunately, many government funded initiatives are actively subsidizing fiber deployments across the country — mainly for high-speed consumer services. However, 5G Open RAN deployments expected to commence after 2022 will benefit significantly from these efforts.

Jason Atwater
Director of Network Operations

Topic: Proactive Network Management
The partnerships we created with electric companies and other telecoms — to provide wholesale bandwidth and voice services — is a win-win for all entities. Along with wholesale services, we share other resources that bring substantial cost savings to all parties involved.

Tammy Perry
Director of Service Delivery

Topic: Changes in Customer Experience
I once read that someone said A bad dessert can ruin the meal. It is so true, and using that as an analogy, it works in our industry too. It doesn’t matter how smooth and fast we are out of the gate, the closer we get to the customer premises, the more complex, integral, and personal, our offerings become, and the more important it is that we leave a positive lasting impression.

Dave Cooper
VP, Edge Compute, CDN & VyVx

Topic: Proactive Network Management
This involves razor focus in network automation, the use of A.I. and ML (Autonomous Networks) to perform analysis and actions that were traditionally human driven. But more importantly, it requires an investment in your employees to transition traditional support functions to roles that help build that automation and autonomous capability, as well as support any complex exceptions that cannot be addressed by automation or A.I.

Mattias FridströmChief EvangelistTelia Carrier

Topic: Network Automation
When it comes to network automation, sometimes it can be better to interrupt everything and start all over again. Fixing and improving small things in legacy systems will not be sustainable. Arguments for a complete re-build are not that crazy if you look at the big picture.

Faisal Vishram
Sr. Technology Architect, Global Solutions

Topic: Proactive Network Management
OpEx can be controlled by designing systems and processes with consistency, as opposed to siloing different network technologies. It can be streamlined by enabling all field teams to have a common, consistent view of network assets and using every field visit as an opportunity to capture relevant information. 

Shari Griffin
Director, Global Network Operations and Assurance (GNO&A)
Program Management Office

Topic: Conflict
Diversity in thought can inevitably lead to some conflict; however I maintain an open environment where team members are able to respectfully dissent and offer their opinions without retribution. I am a firm believer that you give the team members an opportunity to address the conflict between themselves before getting involved. This can help further collaboration and respect amongst the team members.

Dr. Sameh Yamany
Chief Technology Officer
VIAVI Solutions 

Topic: Network Automation
We support our customers’ journey toward the Autonomous Network through test and verification, particularly as we enter an era where many providers are adopting network cloudification. (Full Network Cloudification is next where virtualized and/or containerized network functions and elements move to the cloud, either public or private.) 

Editor’s note: You can soak in ALL of our Visionaries’ insights by clicking here.

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