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The Great Breakup

Dec. 23, 2022
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AI Displacing You Yet?

July 5, 2023
Learn why ChatGPT and AI can inspire you to learn more at ISE EXPO 2023.

ChatGPT and AI are already changing the world. From November 2022 to February 2023, ChatGPT gained 100 million users. As of March 2023, the website has 1 billion visitors per month.

Many are wondering whether AI will displace them.

So, I asked ChatGPT how many workers it expects to replace by 2030. It answered with this: “McKinsey Global Institute says up to 375 million workers, or roughly 14% of the global workforce, may need to switch occupations or acquire new skills by 2030 due to automation and AI.”

SharonAI promptly double-checked this and found McKinsey shared that in 2018. So, we’ll give ChatGPT a bye due to its transparency about being not-so-current. Still, let’s remember:

  • AI is not intelligence—it is prediction.
  • AI can only work with inputted data.
  • AI can still only do one task very well at a time (for the most part).
  • AI lacks emotional intelligence.
  • AI needs to be fact-checked.
  • AI can hallucinate.
  • AI has difficulty with ethics and morality. #yikes

Given those itty-bitty flaws, perhaps we should stop eeyore-ing about AI and thank it for keeping us on our toes. SharonAI humbly suggests turning your AI-frustration into passion for learning more. Focus on what you can be and be grateful you’re not a machine, right?

To help, our very human team encourages you to develop your professional self! Take a gander at the 40+ educational offerings presented by people for people at ISE EXPO 2023. Then, register, attend and connect with knowledge, solutions and your colleagues who want to exchange ideas with you.

ChatGPT and AI will be there as well as tools for you to crush your career goals.

Sharon and SharonAI can’t wait to meet them and you there. 


This article was written with the assistance of artificial intelligence.

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