Comm-Line is one of the most common conduit solutions for telecommunications and fiber-optic projects across the United States. It is available in IPS (Iron Pipe Size) in diameters from ¾ to 16 inches and DIPS (Ductile Iron Pipe Size) in diameters 4 inches and up. It can be installed in existing conduit or via plow, direct burial or HDD (horizontal directional drilling) installation methods. Comm-Line is typically identified by a solid orange or terracotta color. However, Comm-Line is available in 12 colors, and added striping can result in up to 144 variations to meet any project requirement. Special coloring or print line identification can be used to identify the product and differentiate it from other telecom companies who might be sharing the same trench. Comm-Line is available for delivery on segmented reels with multiple pipes wound on a single reel for easy installation of multiple lines at the job site.

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