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Prysmian Group: SiroccoHD Microduct Cable

Aug. 1, 2023
Prysmian's SiroccoHD Microduct high fiber density cable helps reduce material usage, space requirements, transport and storage costs, and the size/cost of installation equipment.

The extremely small size of the SiroccoHD Microduct Cable allows the use of significantly smaller components and packaging throughout the network. In addition to direct cost savings, this also significantly reduces the carbon footprint of a project. This cable provides additional strategic benefits by maximizing fiber count for installations where there is limited space with only one chance to do an installation.

Prysmian has sold more than 3 million fiber kilometers of SiroccoHD globally (all counts) and more than 600,000 fiber kilometers (more than 860 cable miles) of the new 432 design since its launch last year.

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Judge’s Comment: “This product is leading edge fiber! The benefits of reduced space requirements, transport costs and footprint are critical for providers, particularly if it is priced competitively with smaller count fibers. Also, I am assuming the cost to power / light the fiber isn't greater than what's required for smaller count fibers. This one is worthy of a recognition!”

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