Corning Flow Ribbon Ren9491

Corning Optical Communications: MiniXtend® Cable with Flow Ribbon Technology

Aug. 1, 2023
Corning® MiniXtend® Cable features Flow Ribbon Technology combining the flexibility of loose tube cables with the speed of ribbon splicing to help reduce installation time and cost.

The Corning® MiniXtend® cable features SMF-28® Contour optical fiber with a reduced 190-micron outer diameter arranged into a flowing ribbon configuration that provides flexibility and backward splicing compatibility with legacy fibers. The unique 12-fiber flow ribbon arrangement enables simplified handling for network operators, saving time and labor costs. Its reduced outer diameter allows for more efficient use of materials in manufacturing and higher fiber counts per duct, all resulting in a reduced carbon footprint.

This cable is available in outdoor and indoor/outdoor configurations. The indoor/outdoor option eliminates the need for a transition splice to further reduce installation time and cost, and its dual flame-rated jacket enables global deployments.

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Judge’s Comment: “This product could help push fiber into more locations with limited space and/or capacity restrictions today.”

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