Corning Evolv Crr5240

Corning Optical Communications: Evolv® Solution with Pushlok™ Technology

Aug. 1, 2023
Corning® Evolv® Terminals and drops support FTTP and 5G deployments in today’s space-constrained environments with improved aesthetics and one-handed drop installation.

Next-generation passive optical and 5G networks promise to deliver life-changing applications at ever-increasing speeds. Remote surgeries, autonomous cars, and Industry 4.0 require low latencies and a bandwidth only 5G can offer. And yet, these next-generation network architectures rely on advanced solutions to support increased bandwidth demands. Space is often an issue in urban areas and 5G requires more small cells to be discretely placed in already congested environments.

Evolv™ Terminals and drops are the solution. They support FTTP and 5G deployments in today’s increasingly space-constrained environments, particularly where congested polls or ducts are an issue. When space is a primary concern, aesthetics become critical. Corning’s solutions' improved aesthetics allow operators to deploy terminals for any type of fiber-to-the-premises (FTTP) network with minimal visual impact. The Pushlok™ Technology also enables simple one-handed drop installation, with tactile and audible feedback.

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Judge’s Comment: “This product truly is transformational. The cost savings, space savings and time savings are impressive. And if you can reduce the time it takes to get local government approvals, you really have reduced the key barriers to deploy.”

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