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Unique Challenges and Considerations for Rural Network Deployment

Aug. 13, 2021
Strategies to simplify and address some of the challenges of rural network design and installation Join us as we discuss the unique challenges faced by service providers when designing and […]

Strategies to simplify and address some of the challenges of rural network design and installation

Join us as we discuss the unique challenges faced by service providers when designing and installing rural networks. Rural networks are more challenging on many fronts, including density, network reach, labor availability, operation, and maintenance. But with great challenges come great opportunities, and here you will learn about leveraging the network you build for revenue-generating opportunities as well as strategies to simplify and address some of these challenges.

Topics of discussion:

  • Why is there such a large focus on rural deployment?
  • Why do rural deployments pose a challenge for service providers?
  • What are the strategies that can be employed to simplify and address some of these challenges?
  • Deploying just an FTTH network in such low-density environments may challenge the business case. Is there any other revenue-generating opportunities the network can be leveraged for?
  • What is CommScope doing to help solve the challenge of deploying a rural network?

With guest Paul Hubbard, Director Business Development – Network Connectivity, CommScope

Paul is responsible for identifying and developing market opportunities for fiber-based outside plant (OSP) solutions globally. He focuses on long term network evolution such as network convergence, identifying technology and market trends that will impact future telecommunication networks.

Paul joined CommScope in 2010 via the BNS acquisition in 2015, and recently relocated to North America in 2020. Paul’s primary focus has been on the successful deployment of Australia’s National Broadband Network (NBN) and working with carriers around the world in the development of network solutions to minimize total cost of ownership and improve return on investment. Prior to CommScope, Paul worked for Prysmian for 10 years as part of the connectivity product management team, moving to Australia in 2006. Paul holds a BEng (hons) in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Reading (UK), graduating in 1998.

We shape the networks of the future. From material design through to solving the most complex of architecture or bandwidth challenges, our unmatched expertise in copper, fiber, wired and wireless infrastructure underpins the networks of today and makes ready the networks of tomorrow. Enabling 5G, private networks and Gigabit speeds everywhere – we’re always anticipating what’s next, to ensure you’re always ahead.

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