What’s the Story with Network Modernization?

Sept. 21, 2022
Many service providers are still carrying traffic on networks based on decades old TDM/SONET equipment. While these network elements are still passing traffic, they are no longer supported by their […]

Many service providers are still carrying traffic on networks based on decades old TDM/SONET equipment. While these network elements are still passing traffic, they are no longer supported by their manufacturer, which increases the risk of outages and other problems. As a result, the overall cost to operate these legacy networks begins to outweigh the amount of revenue they generate. 

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Network Elements (NEs) that have reached End of Life (EOL) status present multiple operational challenges, including:

  • The older the NE, the harder it is to find spares.
  • Unsupported Element Management Systems (EMS) reduce visibility of performance issues.
  • Excess power consumption.
  • Excess CO2 generation.
  • Fewer personnel with working knowledge of these systems.

A few of the benefits of Network Modernization:

  • Regain valuable space either for reuse or monetization.
  • Reduce power consumption by equipment and HVAC.
  • Reduce carbon footprint to meet sustainability and compliance objectives.
  • Network automation.
  • Create a supportive and flexible architecture for newer technologies, such as 5G.
  • Eliminates vulnerabilities due to unsupported software.

Fujitsu’s Network Modernization service supplies the expertise needed for network modernization, whether you’re replacing legacy cross-connects and SONET multiplexers with newer TDM equipment or migrating from TDM to IP using Circuit Emulation equipment.

Each Network Modernization project is different, which is why Fujitsu provides a full, turnkey solution that is customized to fit your network and business needs. We use sophisticated tools along with proven methods and highly skilled people to seamlessly modernize your network. These are the steps we will take you through for optimal Network Modernization:


  • Engineering analysis to assess options
  • Network analysis to assess equipment


  • Quick turndown of non-traffic-bearing hardware
  • Return spares to inventory
  • Asset recovery


  • Live traffic compression
  • Adjacent systems compression
  • Returns spares to inventory


  • Discontinued systems replaced
  • Multiple cutover methods
  • TDM to CEM migrations


  • Migrate individual devices
  • Like for like
  • TDM to IP
  • A-Z migrations allows for one-step movement to another network
  • Generate engineering and installation packages


  • Record audits and reconciliation
  • Record updates

We have more information on Network Modernization here or contact [email protected]. Or, check out our podcast discussing the Fujitsu approach to modernizing your network.

Fujitsu Network Communications, Inc. customizes digital transformation solutions for network operators, service providers and content providers. We combine best-in-class hardware, software, and services to enable cost savings, faster services delivery and improved network performance. Working closely with our ecosystem partners, we design, build, operate, and maintain better networks for the connected world. To learn more about Fujitsu, visit www.fujitsu.com/global

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