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Fiber Optic Solutions for Your Transitioning Workforce

Learn the benefits of specifying and installing fiber optic networks and how to get your workforce educated and working faster and more efficiently while still delivering consistent and reliable performance.
Webinar Recorded on Wednesday, March 9, 2022

The pandemic made us all realize the importance of reliable high-speed internet access. From Zoom calls to on demand streaming, our world is becoming more and more dependent on network infrastructures that deliver exceptional bandwidth. More broadband providers are realizing that one of the only ways to ensure their customers have the reliability they need is to embrace fiber optic fusion splicing technology over traditional coax or copper installation.

While fiber optic technology advancements in the telecommunications industry have helped FTTx and broadband installations become more value-driven, the need for a more efficient and methodical approach to getting their workforce up to speed on these advancements is still lagging. Providers are searching for faster implementation methods, more dependable performance, and easier termination processes that allow them to be more productive, cost-effective, and forward-thinking. The easiest way for this transition to happen is through onboarding and training of their workforce on fiber optic fusion splicing technologies.

In this webinar, UCL Swift shares how the broadband industry is struggling to keep up with demand and how fiber optic technology over traditional copper or coax is a better solution for this problem. We will discuss how worldwide fiber network deployment works, why it is beneficial to the broadband provider and what the future holds for FTTx applications.

Additionally, we will present a methodology for improving onboarding and training of existing and future broadband workforces and how All-In-One technology can deliver critical fiber optic skills in a matter of hours versus the weeks traditional methods and systems take.

Utilizing training and deployment methods with well-defined standardized processes enables quick and easy successes, eliminates nuances and monotony, and delivers consistent, high-quality results. If you’re ramping up rapidly and need an influx of well-trained, reliable field technicians, there’s no better fiber workforce transformation tool than our All-In-One fiber splicers.

Learn the benefits of specifying and installing fiber optic networks and how to get your workforce educated and working faster and more efficiently while still delivering consistent and reliable performance.

Webinar Recorded on Wednesday, March 9, 2022

Presented by:

Dave Schuman, Vice President, Service Provider Markets, UCL Swift North America
Dave Schuman is Vice President of Service Provider Markets at UCL Swift North America based in Carrollton, Texas. Dave has 20+ years’ experience supporting fiber-based solutions to the service provider space at the network transport level as well as the outside plant and customer premise space. Active in SCTE on the Standards and Cable Tech committees, Dave has also been cited in industry magazines with articles based around best practices for fiber installations and copper/coax to fiber work force transformation solutions. With customer solutions, his top priority each and every day, delivering best practice solutions to the USA and Canada’s service providers is the goal of his team.

UCL Swift North America (formerly America Ilsintech), a subsidiary of UCL Swift, is a nationwide provider of performance-engineered fiber optic components. With over 20 years of proven manufacturing capabilities, UCL Swift NA delivers patented All-In-One functionality with Swift fusion splicers that integrate thermal stripping, cleaving, cleaning, splicing and sleeving into a single unit. This comprehensive approach to fiber terminations consistently delivers reliable connections, reduced installation time, and high precision splices.

Additionally, UCL Swift NA delivers connectors, factory terminated and tested cable assemblies and enclosures that provide cleaner connections and superior optical performance – ideal for FTTH, Data Center and Campus environments.

Discover how All-In-One functionality can provide quicker installs, reduced downtime, easier redundancy channels and reliable connection performance.

Experience the Swift Difference.

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