Day 2 Keynote Speakers Announced for ISE EXPO 2024

March 27, 2024
Catch the Tech Talk presenters at ISE EXPO who will share their insights from decades of engineering, strategy, and leadership at the upper echelons of the industry.

ISE Magazine has announced the names of its Tech Talk keynote presenters for ISE EXPO: Todd Zeiler (AT&T), Diana Scudder (Verizon), and David Curran (Frontier Communications).

The highly experienced panel of speakers will present Thursday, August 22, from 10:30 - 11:30 a.m. at ISE EXPO in Dallas, Texas, this year.

Wednesday’s opening keynote speaker is Scott Mispagel, Senior Vice President, National Engineering & Operations, Frontier Communications. More info on that presentation to come soon.

This one-of-a-kind Tech Talk will open new pathways of learning to attendees as longtime industry veterans share knowledge that only leaders with their breadth of experience can bring to the table.

About the Speakers

This year’s Tech Talk speakers are some of the top minds in the industry. As the network has evolved over these monumental decades, these leaders have engineered the technology, directed the teams, and developed the strategies that have shaped global communication.

David Curran is Vice President, Network Architecture at Frontier Communications. His telecom career spans over two decades, and includes network engineering, operations, and IT. At Frontier, he worked in NG911, network automation, and network strategy.

Prior to that, Curran held roles at Windstream and NuVox. He currently leads the Network Architecture team and its Fiber Innovation Lab which is involved in the design, testing, and certification of broadband, core, transport, wireless technologies, and more.

Todd Zeiler is Vice President of Wireless Construction & Engineering at AT&T, where his team has responsibilities for optimizing and standardizing, best practices, design, emerging tech, RAN strategy, compliance, traffic forecasting, and other functions.

In his 30+ years in the industry, his positions have included outside plant, wireless operations, RF engineering, RF performance, systems automation, equipment engineering, project management, mobility core planning, M&A projects, in-building mobility, Director for Georgia Radio Access Network, CTO Wireless Architecture Organization overseeing 5G and FirstNet architecture, and intercarrier architecture and operations.

Diana Scudder is Vice President, Virtual Engineering & Operations at Verizon. She currently leads a team of professionals in private cloud and virtual network functions and applications associated with consumer and enterprise wireless and wireline services.

Scudder’s experience covers 27 years of experience in tech and telecom. This includes leadership in engineering, operations, program management, budget management, and implementation of physical and virtual network solutions.

How to Attend

You can see the Tech Talk speakers, as well as have a chance to meet them, at ISE EXPO in Dallas this year. To attend ISE EXPO and to see more about these speakers and learn what else is happening at the conference, visit the website.

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