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Katy Greenfield

Vice President of Customer Solutions, Telstra Americas

Katy Greenfield is Vice President of Customer Solutions for Telstra Americas. She is responsible for leading a specialized team working directly with enterprises across the region to develop customized network connectivity products and services.

An experienced technology operations and sales leader, Greenfield understands the challenges that organizations in every industry face as they continue their digital transformations. Her team focuses on developing network infrastructure and connectivity solutions that are tailored for each company in terms of their size, scope, market, and future growth strategies.

She has a diverse professional background in retail, commerce, information technology and telecommunications with direct experience in network infrastructure, operations and logistics, product development and cross-functional project management. Her career includes a range of previous technical and sales management roles, most recently with Boulder, CO-based Zayo Group as Director of Solutions Engineering. Greenfield holds a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration from the University of Colorado at Boulder.

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