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Jamie Davies

Customer Experience Director, Epsilon Telecommunications
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Jamie Davies is a results-oriented senior leader with a track record in spearheading strategic transformations and global change programs. Currently serving as the Customer Experience Director at Epsilon Telecommunications, a passionate advocate for delivering exceptional customer service operational excellence and optimizing service delivery. 

In his role, Jamie oversees the quote-to-cash for customer service, with a commitment to operational excellence and elevating service delivery and operations to new heights. With a wealth of experience gained in multi-national enterprises, he has transformed services into fully optimized, sustainable, and profitable operations in underperforming areas. Previously, as the Operations & Delivery Director at NTT, Jamie led strategic initiatives across four geographical regions, improving efficiencies, embedding operating models and re-engineering processes to cut costs and maintain customer experience and business results.

For more information, visit https://epsilontel.com/. Follow them on LinkedIn, Facebook, and X @epsilontel.