Webinar with Vitruvi, Conexon, and Beacon Broadband

Real-Time Insights on Fiber Broadband Deployments

Webinar Date/Time: Wednesday, May 19, 2021 at 1:00 PM (CT) Earn 1 BICSI CEC When You Attend the Live Webinar The Devil’s in the Details and the Details are in […]

Webinar Date/Time: Wednesday, May 19, 2021 at 1:00 PM (CT)

Earn 1 BICSI CEC When You Attend the Live Webinar

The Devil’s in the Details and the Details are in the Data.
A Case Study of Project Controls and Best Practices for Feasibility.

In taking advantage of the dollars that have started flowing for broadband builds, the speed and cost to do those builds often will come down to smart engineering, great software, and important partnerships.

Data driven insights in creating efficiencies rarely seen before in the fiber-broadband industry, the panelists explain how project data visibility and transparency is measured in real-time, understanding daily spend and production against budget.

A case in point: During the past three months, Coos-Curry Electric Cooperative (CCEC), on the southern Oregon coast, had a real challenge on its hands. The rural co-op’s Board of Directors wanted to provide equitable fiber broadband service to every one of its 14,000 members across its geographically isolated service area, stretching along Oregon’s coast from Coos Bay down to the California border.

In this webinar, three distinct industry leaders offer insights and perspectives around the data-driven insights needed to adequately report on all stages of broadband deployments.

Previous project and construction practices would assign huge buckets of money to various aspects of a network construction project without any realistic ability to provide oversight or quality control. But understanding modern practices and process, data-driven management and controls can create unparalleled efficiencies and transparencies to help direct the project stakeholders toward the ultimate goal of getting customers on the network.

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Presented by:

Justin Reid
VP Sales
Vitruvi Software
Justin has spent nearly 20 years in international consulting and business development between North America, EMEA and APAC. Leading Vitruvi’s continued domestic and global market expansion, his team is helping customers "connect the world" by leveraging new construction management technologies and processes. www.vitruvi.cc
Paul Recanzone General Manager Beacon BroadbandPaul has been working to help non-traditional network owners build 21st century broadband networks for more than 15 years. He has helped guide many public entities through the difficulties of initiating, implementing, and operating and maintaining fiber to the premises networks. As General Manager of Beacon Broadband, Paul is guiding Beacon Broadband’s owner, Coos-Curry Electric Cooperative, on that same path.www.beaconbroadband.com
Jeff Fincannon VP, OSP Construction ConexonJeff brings nearly 40 years of hands-on construction experience and management of cable and fiber to the home deployments. His construction experience includes work as a lineman, splicer, supervisor and business owner. Currently, Jeff manages the team at Conexon responsible for fiber design and construction at over 30 electric co-op projects in more than a dozen states. Each project is set at a pace of 1,000 miles of construction a year. Week in and week out, Jeff’s team produces more miles of fiber design and manages more miles of fiber construction than any company in the country. https://conexon.us/
Developed by a team that has "lived the problem of deploying complex network projects", Vitruvi™ is an innovative end-to-end telecom construction software platform that greatly improves project efficiencies. Vitruvi™ re-defines the precision of infrastructure wireless and wireline construction project management (CM) by seamlessly converting GIS designs into a web and mobile app-based construction management solution. Vitruvi™ aggregates designs, documents, timelines, and construction data to form a single source-of-truth that all project stakeholders can refer to. Being fully GIS-enabled with an emphasis on user experience, users can access real-time construction management of timelines, schedule of values, labor, and materials. Vitruvi™ is available on desktop and on mobile Android and iOS devices. Discover more at www.vitruvi.cc.

Beacon Broadband is a wholly owned subsidiary of Coos-Curry Electric Cooperative (CCEC), a member of both NRECA and Touchstone Energy Cooperative. CCEC has served the area for over 80 years. Beacon Broadband belongs to the communities it serves and shares the same mission and values as CCEC. Beacon Broadband provides innovative broadband services that close the digital divide between urban areas and our region. www.beaconbroadband.com.

Conexon is a full-service fiber broadband solutions provider working exclusively with America’s rural electric cooperatives. We offer our clients the end-to-end products and services needed to launch, build and operate fiber-to-the-home broadband networks in their communities. https://conexon.us/

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