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Bringing NOC Level Visibility to the Field

Webinar Date/Time: Wednesday, April 7, 2021 at 1:00 PM (CT) Earn 1 BICSI CEC When You Attend the Live Webinar As telecommunication networks increase in complexity and competition grows, those […]

Webinar Date/Time: Wednesday, April 7, 2021 at 1:00 PM (CT)

Earn 1 BICSI CEC When You Attend the Live Webinar

As telecommunication networks increase in complexity and competition grows, those operators that can create and manage an accurate and up-to-date view of their network assets will be best placed for success. Fiber and 5G technologies are creating tremendous opportunities for network operators with the ability to deliver higher quality, higher margin services. However, with the number of US telecoms employees declining by 35% between 2003 and 2019 combined with fiber networks now passing 54 million new homes, operators must do more with less. Automation and productivity gains are essential to managing increased network complexity while meeting ambitious construction rollout and revenue targets.

Successful transformation of telecoms operations to address these challenges requires empowering the field to easily monitor, capture, visualize and manage network assets. During this webinar you will learn why bringing NOC level visibility to the field is key to increasing operational efficiency, improving data quality, creating network resilience, and developing network maintenance strategies that reduces churn to ensure long-term revenue growth.

Kyle Berg, Director of Telecom Solutions at IQGeo, and Todd Kuty, Director of Customer Integration at IQGeo, will discuss:

  • Challenges facing network operators.
  • Benefits of providing NOC level visibility in the field.
  • Why decentralization and integration are key to success.
  • Creating a System of Action that delivers clear and measurable ROI.
  • Case studies with use cases and scenarios.

There will also be an opportunity for Q&A.

Don’t miss the opportunity to hear from leading industry experts who have experience in their previous roles at Comcast, Altice, and Verizon. They have seen firsthand the challenges faced by telecoms and understand how bringing NOC level visibility to the field will transform your business.

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Presented by:

Kyle Berg
Director of Telecom Solutions
Kyle has 5+ years building ROI positive build programs in two top 10 Telecom providers, including Verizon. He is an expert in national strategy for deployment, process improvement and building business intelligence, SME: fiber route, market rollout, intelligent application development, building automation and efficiencies in large processes. In his role at IQGeo, Kyle is using all previous experiences to help North American Telecommunications drive efficiencies in construction, operations, and emergency response through IQGeo’s mobile-first geospatial platform.
Todd Kuty Director of Customer Integration IQGeo Todd started in the cable industry in 1993 with Continental Cablevision. He has held positions as Senior NOC Manager at Comcast and as Director of NOC Cable & Compliance at Cablevision (now AlticeUSA). In his role with IQGeo, Todd is responsible for consulting with customers and the IQGeo product team to ensure we can solve our customers’ most pressing business challenges.
IQGeo delivers award-winning geospatial software solutions to telecommunication and utility network operators around the world ranging from large multinationals to smaller regional providers. The IQGeo software suite improves productivity and collaboration across enterprise planning, design, construction, maintenance and sales processes, reducing costs and operational risks while enhancing customer satisfaction.

Our mobile-first, cloud-native software helps companies create and maintain an accurate view of their increasingly complex network assets that are easily accessible by anyone, wherever and whenever needed. Whether it’s our Enterprise IQGeo Platform or targeted OSPInsight fiber planning and design software, we enable a "System of Action" that breaks down information silos, improves data quality and accelerates decision-making.

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